Violation of Public Procurement Act (PPA)

Pursuant to Sections 16 and other relevant sections of the Public Procurement Act, 2007, of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (PPA) thereof, we at NipeX wish to state that any Supplier, Contractor or Service Provider who violates the provisions of the relevant sections of the PPA shall be excluded from participating in any tender opportunity and shall be blacklisted from the NipeX portal for a period of no less than One (1) year but no more than Three (3) years from the date of violation of the provisions of the PPA, to wit, any Supplier, Contractor or Service Provider who presents false documents, and misrepresents itself or its capacity, failed to perform or to provide due care in the performance of any public procurement amongst other violations as set out in PPA, or by NAPIMS Management, shall be banned from the NipeX portal.


Notices to All Suppliers Awaiting Audit

NipeX JQS pre-qualification process is incomplete without the Audit/onsite verification exercise.
However, inorder to accelerate the pre-qualification process, all suppliers awaiting Audit are henceforth mandatorily required to submit their company documents for a Desktop Audit when contacted by NipeX prior to the onsite verification exercise.


Product Code Addition Information

  • The cost of adding new product codes is $2,000 or ₦600,000.
  • Maximum of 50 product codes is allowed during pre-qualification of new suppliers 
  • Maximum of 5 product codes is allowed for already pre-qualified suppliers every six(6) months
  • Emergency addition of product codes due to the closing of impending bid will only be allowed if requested for 6 days before close of bid